A residential design firm launches its own cabinetry line — Grace Smart

Grace shares the story of Jean Stoffer Cabinetry

Those who follow the work of Jean Stoffer and her talented team know that they’re responsible for designing uniquely beautiful kitchens.

Residential interiors specialists at Jean Stoffer Design have been designing homes with an emphasis on kitchens since 1991. Many of their projects gravitated to the kitchen area, where founder Jean Stoffer says she was always drawn to the flush-face styles of cabinets seen in British homes. 

As a young designer, Stoffer would go to the local bookstore and peruse foreign design magazines — and became enthralled with the British kitchen aesthetic and would study every detail, sometimes with a magnifying glass. 

Stoffer and her team maintain that the reason why those British kitchens are so beautiful is because of flush inset cabinetry. However, a good source for this cabinetry — with a deep and durable shop finish — can be hard to find. And when Jean started looking for well-made, English-style cabinets that would fit into her vision for client kitchens, she came up short. 

So, she decided to design her own — and Grace Smart, an Interior Designer with the Jean Stoffer Design team — is going to tell attendees about the motivation and process behind that decision at this fall’s mDesign Live event.


Grace Start

When the Grand Rapids-based design firm moved from a concentration on kitchens to a whole-home approach — including roof and window selection — Smart joined the firm to handle the increased volume and complexity of activity. She was instrumental in the launch of Stoffer Home Cabinetry, and will talk about the experience of building a specific brand in a crowded cabinetry niche. 

The British cabinet approach has resonated with clients, with requests for proposals reaching a volume level that lead the design firm to introduced its own semi-custom designs, in a palette of twelve carefully-curated paint colors and four wood finishes that match the British tradition and aesthetic. 

Start’s presentation is one of more than 20 scheduled for mDesign Live. Co-produced by the International Woodworking Fair and Surface & Panel magazine, mDesign Live takes place October 28 and 29, 2019, at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Patterned after materials events in Europe, mDesign Live brings together fabricators and architectural and commercial interior design specialists. Manufacturers and distributors of design software, panels, components, and hardware will mix with designers, architects and fabricators throughout the event.


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Melissa Ripp